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New Window Replacements


The #1 choice for residential apartment communities and homeowners on a budget.  These beautiful vinyl windows stand out from any building wall they reside on.  They come in a number of configurations from the standard horizontal  sliding version, to a triple hung window and everything in between.  Retrofit Windows  are available in white, almond,  bronze and more; They are  energy efficient;  and have a choice of variety of glass.  White Vinyl Retrofits are the Go To choice in windows when your Goals is to get  the most cost effective window that stands out,  is durable, has  a lifetime warranty that lasts longer than any other.

Broken Window Glass Replacement


Does one of your apartments, your bedrooms, or your office have a Broken Window Glass Pane or a Broken Patio Door Glass emergency?  Call us for onsite broken glass repairs or window replacements.  We carry stock sheets of glass on our trucks and can fix on site whether your in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area, or  Long Beach, our cenrally located office in Irvine is only a hop skip and jump away for your windows needs.   We also stock the typical patio door size tempered glass pieces at our shop should you have an emergency and need us to replace your patio door glass.  We consider an occupied home or apartment with a broken patio door glass situation a true emergency and place it on the highest priority when it comes to our schedule.  Safety for our homeowners and your tenants is paramount.   S&A Glass pledges to have that glass replaced within 24 hours, or same day service if it's an emergency.  

Insulated Dual Glazed Units


Want to know more about Dual Glazed Windows - Look no further!   

Insulated Glazed Units (IGU), more commonly known as Double Glazed or Double Paned Windows, consist of two or three glass window panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across a part of the building envelope.  They can be manufactured with glass in a range of thickness from 3 to 10 mm (1/8" to 3/8") or more in special applications. Laminated or tempered glass is also available.  Whatever your preference for energy efficient windows, we can supply and install any IGU for you.  No need to replace an entire window!  We will save you money now,  and  in the future.  Call us today.  

Broken Window Service


Sometimes windows just need to get "unstuck".  Don't bother trying to figure out the draft, or if you can fix a leak.  We take 30 minutes to give you an assessment because we've spent 50 years learning the trade.  Call us today to get your windows fixed right.  Sometimes they just need a little TLC.  

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Customers have questions, We have answers. Just have us come by and take a look at whatever your window needs are.  Our quotes are included in the cost of the service so you know you're money is well spent by professionals who know their trade.  Click here to request service.